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E-Ticket Customer Contract


E-Ticket Customer Contract

For the safety and convenience of our customers, China Eastern Airlines has launched its online E-ticketing services. Users (passengers) wishing to register should first read the following terms of service. Upon confirmation of their acceptance, Users will have access to China Eastern Airlines’ online booking services. 
  1. Users (passengers) agree to comply with "The Civil Aviation Laws of the People's Republic of China", and all other relevant Chinese laws and regulations. Furthermore, Users agree to abide by “Online Ticketing Information” and relevant provisions that prohibit knowingly or recklessly making false bookings. 
  2. By recognizing the importance and safety of these online services, the User agrees to the following: (i) The User promises that all the information he/she provides will be accurate. It shall the sole responsibility of the User should he/she be prevented from flying due to any discrepancy in such information. (ii) To ensure that all online transactions are processed smoothly and effectively, Users must provide accurate and up-to-date information during the registration process. Should there be any change in their circumstances, Users should update their information as soon as possible. Users will be solely responsible for any loss that occurs as a result of their failure to do so. 
  3. On completion of registration, China Eastern Airlines retains the right to check the information provided and cancel forth with any registration that is proved to contain false or inaccurate information or fails to meet other China Eastern Airlines regulations. China Eastern Airlines will respect the privacy of all Users. Personal details will be kept confidential and shall not be modified or disclosed unless permitted under Chinese laws or with the express permission of the User. China Eastern Airlines will not use such details for any other purpose or disclose them to any third party. 
  4. Once successfully registered, Users will get a username and password. In the further online services, Users must use the account information under protection and confidential. All the losses, risk and legal responsibility caused by the disclosure of the account and password must be taken by designated customer. 
  5. Lithium-ion Batteries in carry-on or checked baggage of airline passengers are limited in < Eastern Airlines Hazardous Materials Safety Handbook >.You also need follow the rules here: <Transportation of Hazardous Materials>
  6. If you haven't used all segments in one package fare, the remaining segments can't be refunded.
  7. The Company reserves the right to change the flight schedule. For more details, please refer to China Eastern Airlines Conditions of Carriage for International Passengers and Baggage.